Were you thinking of doing one special height chart for your toddler? Certainly a great idea, kids love it. But there are some small rules to get it done with more effect! Here you’ll find 4 of them.

  1. DO IT WITH YOUR KID! If you want your kid to notice the chart every day and make it more ‘alive’ in his room or in the dining room, you should include him while making it. Yes, it can get more stressful and not the way you planned it- even not so nice to place it somewhere visible to others- but it will certainly get more attention to your kid every time s/he’ll look at it. Why? Because of the pride that you’d done it together! That is the biggest value among all the toys he possess.img_1283
  2. MAKE A SMALL PLAN! When you’re making the chart bring on the story of your family- your history, how you were living when you were at his age, how many cousins, aunties and uncles he is surrounded with, who is who, draw them around the height chart, even expose for example their hobbies so he’ll remember them easier. If cousin Max is playing football draw a ball and a goal beside Max. If his auntie likes to read put a book shelf under her head. If grandma likes to ski add the skis with her good old apron. This is a great opportunity to connect with your kid and bring him closer to all the family he has. Don’t forget  the pets!

    We draw on our height chart all the cousins with their hobbies. Every time we get the chance we step beside the chart and repeat their names and what they do for a hobby. Don’t do that very often. Toddlers quickly get bored if it’s repeated too many times. The best time is when they come for a visit. She runs to the chart and shows them their picture. It’s a great compliment also for cousins.
  3. LET THEM BE THE RULE MAKERS! Height chart is a very smart game for toddlers. It brings fun, knowledge, imagination and skills. And one of the important points of playing a game is making a decision. They confront with what they like, prefer and understand. It is important to let them think their way and decide on their own. Here is where they build their self-consciousness and here is where you let them be the BOSS. They are the rule makers of the game and they decide what kind of pants uncle wears and what kind of hair color auntie wants.
  4. STAY CALM – ENJOY! Don’t forget that all the happy moments with your kid disappear if you are in a hurry or nervous to do the dishes or get caught while browsing on the phone. Your kid senses your presence if you like it or not. So don’t mess your head, enjoy the time you’re spending with your kid and the rest comes by itself.

I’ve found some interesting  HEIGHT CHARTS to spare you some time with finding them and give you ideas of making your own. This are all to buy and if you’re out of time, they are really nice. I’ve decided to put it in the post to leave you some impression on various ideas what sort of a chart you can make.




That’s all for the PART 1! In the PART 2 expect the most interesting  DIY HEIGHT CHARTS that I’m already excited to share with you. See you!