Now here is what seems to me a bit of a problem when all the family is at home for more than 3 days. Or is the flue, sickness of your children or partner, you cannot go outside to play because of the rain, everything in the house gets boring and sooner or later kids start to do foolish things.  You could scream, give them a timeout in their room, talk gently or whichever concepts of raising you’re using, you hardly achieve calm and quiet moment. Which you desire so much!

And what comes next is you being surrounded with nothing but anxiety and a mess. What can you do?


Well first I suggest you to close your eyes, take a deep breathe as long as you need (and can of course, you need the air…) and when you’re ready, open your eyes and draw a big smile on your face. I do it and it helps even if I have to force myself for that smile.

You know your kids love you and you love them back, you want them to be happy. And what they desire the most is you being with them. Calm and happy.


So I start to play with them. From horse riding on my back, hiding under the table, playing with Lego’s, drawing, doing the puzzle’s, dancing, singing and list goes on. You know, just playing with them. Though, sooner or later you’re out of ideas and there’s bunch of time to play with  them.  Oh my oh my…


Well here’s my trick with 1,5 year old girl. When I catch her just before making the scenes- I see that in her sparky eyes and her moves, she just can’t stand a second doing one thing or being still. So here’s what I do.


I figure out a story of a big thing we’ll do together later the same day. The story doesn’t need to be perfect or special. Just something that refers to the game you’re going to play. For  example, you can find out what we made yesterday.

I began with a story of a wizard who found himself in the woods. He couldn’t bring himself back home so he needed someones help. I ask my girl:’ you wanna help?’ And she’s into it right away. So we call our wizard with some magic words and he tells us what to do to bring him back home.



And yesterday we draw a caterpillar with five numbers. If we draw it as he asked us we save him if not he wil freeze in the woods. But we wouldn’t want that, right? So if she starts to nag I quickly  switch her back to the story and she’s back in the game. You can find ideas what to do through Pinterest in a second. I really like blogs where you find activities sorted by age, here is one nice page, it’s transparent and easy to read.

It’s really important that you stick with the story. Kids love stories. Here is one example that might be the ‘big thing’ for you and your toddler, try it. It’s easy and effective!


1,5 year old kid is already into the colors so find a game that include it. I used also numbers but I don’t mention her anything about it because she’ll figure it out through time. After couple of months we’ll start to match numbers instead of colors. TWO in ONE!


However, the most important part is that you listen to your kids. The game doesn’t need to be played exactly as you say. Make up a story and work with it. Then you can dive into it, you already know what’s the best for your kid.