We live fast. And tomorrow we’ll do even faster.

We are dragged into the mud of a dance called ‘Show me how to dance to be cool’. And we just do it. It’s easier. We can stare at TV, walk through the mall every day and stock a friend and daily news through FB… so life passes you by. And you just do what you are suppose to…until something or someone stops us.

Unfortunately for me it was the loss of my father 4 years ago. I was 6th child and the last daughter of seven children. I looked up to him. For advice, impression as a  loyal dog. He was a  caring father, patriarch. He knew everything and he took care of everything. I don’t want to go into details of our relationships in the family right now. It is good and bad and I will go into it some time later.

At the moment I feel the emptiness which makes me sad. It quickly reminds also to my brother. He died last year, young full of energy and optimism. Loved him as he loved the life. His loss left me at the corner. I had to carry on with my life, have two little kids that need me. So I decided to write. And for the second..It helped. Which is a good sign.