Your friends comes to visit you in an hour? Or you want to surprise your kids with a tasty sweet desert to do some chocolate time out? This BLUEBERRY GRANNY CAKE is a quick and easy solution for a tasty snack.


I prefer no gluten vegan desserts. But for my kids and partner I always make exceptions. So you’ll find on my blog all kinds of food- healthy, unhealthy, sweet, bitter, gluten free, meat specialties, vegan, vegetarian, traditional, all kind of… it depends on my mood and who will eat it.

This BLUEBERRY GRANNY CAKE is an inspiration of my mum. She makes it all seasons. It’s a quick and fresh solution when she¬†needs something¬†to serve with the coffee.And it’s easy to make.

And the best thing is: if you’re out of blueberries don’t worry. Switch it with any kind of berries or fruit you have or prefer more. Simple as that!

You need few things before making the cake. I prepare them so I don’t get lost and do unnecessary mess in my kitchen:

  • 2 bowls
  • mixer
  • brush
  • measuring cup
  • scale